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The Eric Evans project has been a Contemporary and Classic Jazz internet favorite around the world! The flute, alto flute, bass flute, as well as the synth-EWI (Electronic Woodwind Instrument) are primary features in the Eric Evans signature sound! In the Soundtracks to Life studios, Eric covers many instruments and composition parts! You’ll hear his touch on everything Soundtracks to Life! Take a drive to your nearest ocean view and enjoy the connection to nature and grandeur that shine through in Erics work!

“Optimistic Acoustic Pop” was what one studio drummer called David Eugene’s music! A storyteller at heart with a love for free spirited imagery mixed with big instrumentation, guitars, punchy driving rhythms and vocals is what best characterizes David Eugene. Like Eric, David composes and creates in every genre here at Soundtracks to Life! If you’re headed out onto the highway for a drive, take a listen to “Driving” and tell me if you don’t want to hit the accelerator!

“The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork!”

For if we who are called, know, seek, and desire truth in a personal experience with God, do not lift our voices, the rocks upon the ground will themselves cry out in worship! Tides is the expression of uplifted hearts and hands in new and relevant-fresh anointing in the Worship Arts. You will be renewed with the timbre of many voices, the witness of many elements of Biblical writings, and the ideals unequivocal of God’s Word. Saturate in the sounds of both symphonic and contemporary orchestrations and vocal arrangements. Eric and David hope these pieces of worship art will be a blessing to your own congregations and to your personal enrichment in your walk with Christ. 

To take oneself out of the daily pandemonium and settle back with a good book, a beautiful sunset, or a favorite person, and melt into the Ambient Chillout genre of DEEEP.

Lush textures, clear acoustics, drifting audio imagery and quieted spirit dynamics can begin, middle, and end each day when a departure from the outer noise leads one to a place of solace and peace. 



The unmistakable voice is only a first insight into all that makes the singing, the heart, and the gift of your entry into a higher stratum of performance and amazement, that is Danielle Evans! 

Soundtracks to Life is honored to introduce you to Danielle Evans as a musical genre of her own! In joint composing endeavors, Eric, David, and Danielle bring you into another time when singing was the glory of cathedrals, opera houses, and stages of phenom through the classically trained talent of Danielle! Stay tuned for more from her very, very soon!

“Motion in picture, motion on screen… a piece of music to the scene?

My eyes will well, my heart will swell, I forward lean…. Ah that’s the thing.” DE

Soundtrack, Cinema, commercial sound tracking is a central part of Soundtracks to Life’s offerings in 2022 and beyond. Through the massive expansion of sound libraries, personal artist connections, and experience in multi-genre recording and composition, including Country, Jazz, Ambient, Rock, Metal, and eclectic. Imaginations Heart is here to serve the motion picture, commercial soundtrack needs of anyone seeking unique, timely, affordable Soundtrack Workings! Contact Eric and David for details.  

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