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"Soundtracks to Life" is the music, media arts publishing company of Eric Evans, David E Ivey, and Phil Johnson. Eric and David have been collaborating in music since 2002 and formed Soundtracks to Life in 2020 with the addition of Phil a short time after.


After discovering a mutual love for Jazz, Eric and Dave worked together on the 'Eric Evans Project album,"Waves of Grace", and as new ideas were created and shared over the ensuing few years, E and D became like the workings of the same clock. Locking time through music! This energetic endeavor is the catalyst for what has become Soundtracks to Life.


The 'Waves of Grace" album had tremendous success throughout jazz and New Age streaming sites. The music flourished exceptionally throughout Europe and Asia, and charted in number one and top ten spots on streaming and downloaded jazz music sites all across the world.


"Waves of Grace" brought together the love of jazz and the even more deeply loved elements of theological considerations. The songs, words, and sentiments share the stories of what has been, and is ever true about life to both Eric and David!.

The Music.

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After finishing the "Waves of Grace" project, David and Eric began new seasons of songwriting. David had completed most of the compositions for the' "Driving" album, (which will be his first solo album) and will be released in 2024/25. These songs have a straight forward, big acoustic rock vibe with a lot of energy and optimism! Eric, having continued in perfecting recording technique and mixing has worked to bring out the punch and enthusiasm of the "Driving" album.  


Eric and David enjoy writing Jazz, Pop Rock, Acoustic, Ambient, Spiritually Uplifting, Chill Out  and orchestral soundtrack music as well. You may even hear a bit of Country inspired from Dave's youth. The spectrum is the joy of all of it! Find the information in 'THE MUSIC" tab!

The Eric Evans, David Eugene songwriting team will keep everyone updated about where we are and what we are up to on our "CONVERSATION" page blog.


Stay tuned for all the news and items of interest!

Thanks for listening...


Please take a moment to check out our music on iTunes, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, and other places! We look forward to hearing your feedback and meeting you out there on the roads of life.

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